Wealth Masters International - Interested in class action lawsuit anyone?

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I am trying to find a group of people who have been conned by these rats to join me in a class -action lawsuit. I have taken it to the point of $2500, but cannot go further due to financial constraints.

WMI scammed me out of $9000, and they have done nothing for me in return, except send me a group of CDs and an email coach. I am very serious about taking this all the way to court, but as I mentioned it is way too expensive at this point.

My attorney has written numerous letters to those creeps, and not one response to his letters requesting reimbursement of the 9k. Please tell me if you are interested in this class action lawsuit.

Let's put these creeps where they belong. IN JAIL!

Reason of review: scam.

Monetary Loss: $15000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.


Carbondale, Illinois, United States #1278355

I know exactly how you feel. They sucked $30,000 out of me in 2013 and I'm still trying to pay off that debt.

They definitely belong in jail. My story is almost exactly the same as the guy Jason from WI who commented on Ripoff Report.


I'm with you brother/sister. The $9,000 for M2 is just a part of what I lost. When all your other expenses are taken into consideration, like website design, advertising, etc., etc., my loss is over $20,000!

Nobody will ever get any money back from WMI, but I'm consoled by the fact that they're all at each other's throats, suing and counter-suing, banned in Norway and soon in New Zealand, living 24/7 in their greed and guilt, and with the knowledge of how many honest people they've hurt.

Signed: Dumber than Dumb!

Wealth Masters International in Hampton, Virginia - Wealth Masters scam

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I was scammed out of $9,000 and need to sue to get it back. I have begun the potential lawsuit, but I cannot do it alone. Litigation is very expensive, as you all know. My attorney in Houston is one of the best. He has written several letters to WMI without even the courtesy of a response. Their own attorney has quit, so we are dealing directly with the owners Kip and Carl. We need help bringing these crooks to justice. I have already lost the $9000 + another $2500 in attorney's fees. I joined under pressure from Jeremy Miner, the biggest scammer of the bunch.

If ANYONE out there is interested in joining me in a class-action suit against WMI and owners Kip Hariage and Carl Bessey PLEASE come forward. I have faith we, as a team, can get all of our money back, plus damages and court costs. It would be nice to send them to prison for knowingly running their scam. What do you say folks? Let's go get them! Judy R


I'll be happy to give you then name of my attorney in Houston if I hear back from you. Thank you


Saratoga, California, United States #897771

Judy r, your lawyer is scamming you too. No lawsuit will send anybody to jail.

If you must, sue these guys in small claims court. You are wasting money on a lawyer and he has overcharged you massively if he charged $2500 to send some letters.

Wealth Masters International conned me into buying thier M3 program stating it would be a great home business.

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Customer service
Diversity of Products or Services
Product or Service Quality

I did not have any success in selling the program even though I blasted out a weekly email advertising the program, advertised the program in print and online, and mailed out thousands of postcards.

Now, I discover that Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey are nowhere to be found. I called their office phone and their fax number...both disconnected. I also emailed them at support@wmitoday.com with no responsee.

I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and the Texas Secretary of State tomorrow concerning Wealth Masters International.

I just want to give everyone a heads up. I'm sure Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey will start another scam in the near future. Be careful.

Reason of review: Company Out of Business.

Preferred solution: Full refund.


Woodland Hills, California, United States #941658

I do know this company, they are in business, their phones work and they have always answered my calls and emails. They do tell you must be willing to work in order to make money.

They also provide training and help, if you ask for it.

Wealth Masters International

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Wealth Masters International is a scam, they sell you overpriced educational programs for multi level marketing, it's complete BS. Their money back guarantee comes with a few hundred catches.

Steer clear of these clowns and get a subscription to the Wall St Journal and you will get a better education.

This is not a viable stand alone consumer product, it is designed to sell it to others. Their recommended sales pitches are nothing short of bully tactics.

Their information is often outdated, very generalized and certainly not applicable worldwide, which they claim it is. Total ripoff, complete scam, bad people to deal with.



Here is "lesson 79" if you need to spend money to learn *** like this then you need to get a life:

Wealth: Workers earn wages. Owners earn profits. Entrepreneurs learn how to create true, lasting wealth by moving out of the wage system and into the profit system. On day 35, you were instructed to list your income sources in your Curriculum Notebook and mark each one with a “W” or a “P” to identify it as wage or profit. Today, write down one way you could imagine either converting a “W” to a “P” or adding a new profit source to the list using the resources you have at hand. Perhaps it’s stepping up to the next level as a WMI Consultant to qualify for additional commissions. As you work your way through The 1% Solution and begin to connect with more WMI alliance partners, you’ll discover new ways to get your money working for you and start converting wages to profits. Step by step, you’re learning how the wealthy earn and protect their income.

Health: As you increase your strength and stamina through exercise, your body will begin to adapt to your new level of activity. To continue getting maximum gains from your workout, try adding variations to your routine. If you do your strength training, using weight machines, continue switching some of your moves to free weights from time to time. If you normally get your cardio-vascular exercise through running or biking, consider alternating with an aerobic step or kickboxing class during the week. In addition to making your routine more fun, this “cross-training” approach will benefit you with additional balance, agility and flexibility. Your assignment for today is to choose some alternate exercise activities and get them on your calendar.

Wisdom: One success habit that Kip Herriage shares with countless other self-made millionaires is the inspiration he gets on a repeat basis from Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” Over the years he has continued to re-read this personal development classic over and over again and continues to draw fresh insights from it, as well as reinforcing the positive ones he’s already internalized. On day 21 you were instructed to get a copy of the book for your own study and reference. Your action assignment for today is to revisit the book and make time to read and think about at least one additional chapter to. Do you have a copy? If not, get after it today. Successful people make a habit of immersing themselves in this kind of wisdom every day, even if it’s for just a few minutes. Habitual thoughts lead to habitual actions.


I got suckered into WMI too, lost$1,600 that my wife pulled out of her rather meager IRA. When I tried to get a refund there were suddenly sevveral reasons why I could not get one.


Well said B.F. (and thanks Benedict Arnold fo your input) and BTW Charles (or whoever you are) I'm not either of these people,they are people I have never met that share my views.

And I workinthe finacial industry, I am not a finacnial advisor as you pegged me as (never said that) but I know enough to know that the info WMI puts out is alot of outdated, simplistic ***.

Friends don't sell friends WMI (except for one former friend of mine).


Sorry, Mr. Finley, but I am not impressed.

My list is fresh, and if you completed the 100 day session, you would definately be on that list. You are not.

I won't call it hacking if someone within the company provides me the information.

I never accused you for saying that many people buy WMI products for the products only. But it is actually easier to find WMI promoters who claim this then finding people who really buy the products for the products only.


B.F. - Availite - Whatever You Are Calling Yourself...

I assume you mean you have the list of all emails/names that a former employee stole from Wealth Masters and posted on the Internet. If that is the case, that is a few years before my time with them (thank goodness). I read about that data breach when I was researching them, and frankly it worried me a bit.

If you have a current list of everyone, including those signing up now, I think WMI would love to know that someone has hacked their system. So you better keep using aliases.

Finally, I don't know who you think said "many people buy the product only". I never even implied that.

I am just trying to have a conversation with some reality. You are clearly ***-bent on trashing them, so knock yourself out. I got value from the product, and that is all I was trying to express.

The money back guarantee is a scam in itself. The exact moment a customer becomes a distributor the money back guarantee is null and void.

No one buys the m1 to use it. It is purchased for instant qualification.

Do your due diligence yourself and see. :cry

I have the entire list of every single WMI member since the very beginning, and I can confirm that there is nobody on this list named Charles Finley.

Any claim that many people buy WMI products without being interested in the business, is a lie.


You accuse me of having ulterior motives, but it is pretty clear you are the one with the axe to grind here. We can agree to disagree on the content -- I will just say that I am sure as a financial advisor for 17 years, it is no surprise you did not like it.

They teach that financial advisors (for the most part) are not truly helping people the right way. But again, it is OK to disagree here. I don't care one way or the other -- you just seem so passionate AGAINST them.

Strange really.

What I WOULD love for you to explain, however, is the "hundred catches" of the return policy. You completely ignored that part.


You have got to be joking (either that or your work WMI for or are trying to sell the WM program). The program is loaded to the gills with how to make money by building a sales organization.

In addition the primary tennants are forget everything you know about money, disregard what your parents taught you about money and on virutally every single "lesson" they tell you to eat right, exercise and get plenty of rest. If you have to pay somebody money to tell you that eating right and resting more will make you rich and you believe that *** then you need far more education than you will ever get here.

The academy programs are put on by people trying to promote their own services. Many of the financial concepts they put forth are outdated, inaccurate or state specific and do not apply nationwide. The conspiracy against your money is Wealth masters seeking to deprive you of it and selling you useless ***.

I have been in the financial industry for 17 years and what these guys are telling the public is ***.The sales tactics they suggest for building a sales organization would be considered bully tactics. The Wealth Accelerator is a joke and doesn't work as advertised.


I purchased the m1 Masters Course, and never intended on selling it, and I have received immense value from it. In fact, I am actually starting the 100 day program over again, just because I think I will get even more from it the second time around.

Not sure what you mean by "educational programs for multi level marketing". None of the lessons ever even MENTION MLM. Yes, they sell the products via direct sales (I bought mine from a friend). But that is not clear in your post.

Also not sure why you think it is not applicable Internationally. I heard that the previous version had US Tax information in it, and as a US citizen, I wish it still did. But thinking back, I can't think of very much that does not apply globally.

Finally, and think most important, you are grossly exaggerating what is required to get the money back guarantee. It is really quite simple, and totally fair -- if it was not, I would not have made the purchase. All they require is that you complete the 100 day training, on YOUR time schedule (it does not have to be within the first 100 days of purchase or anything), including the online lessons. Once you have done that, if you feel you did not get you value from it, they will refund you the money.

Sounds like you are just whining because you don't want to "do the work". You opened it up, saw the nice leather journal, all the discs, etc, and thought, "Oh ***...I am going to have to put some EFFORT into this."

Or, and think this is more likely, you bought it just to be able to sell it, never did anything to sell it or were unable to do so, and then wanted your money back. Either way that all sucks for you -- I get it. But it does not make your statements here true.

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