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I was scammed out of $9,000 and need to sue to get it back. I have begun the potential lawsuit, but I cannot do it alone. Litigation is very expensive, as you all know. My attorney in Houston is one of the best. He has written several letters to WMI without even the courtesy of a response. Their own attorney has quit, so we are dealing directly with the owners Kip and Carl. We need help bringing these crooks to justice. I have already lost the $9000 + another $2500 in attorney's fees. I joined under pressure from Jeremy Miner, the biggest scammer of the bunch.

If ANYONE out there is interested in joining me in a class-action suit against WMI and owners Kip Hariage and Carl Bessey PLEASE come forward. I have faith we, as a team, can get all of our money back, plus damages and court costs. It would be nice to send them to prison for knowingly running their scam. What do you say folks? Let's go get them! Judy R


I'll be happy to give you then name of my attorney in Houston if I hear back from you. Thank you

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Judy r, your lawyer is scamming you too. No lawsuit will send anybody to jail.

If you must, sue these guys in small claims court. You are wasting money on a lawyer and he has overcharged you massively if he charged $2500 to send some letters.

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